Travel Wishlist: The Blue Lagoon in Iceland

I’m always planning a getaway in my head. One place I want to go is the Blue Lagoon, just outside of Reykjavik, Iceland. These mineral-rich waters look like the hot springs of kings and queens.


It’s a man-made “geothermal spa,” basically created because of actual lava fields nearby. (Yes, way.) The water is renewed every two days, and has medicinal properties. The sulfur and silica in the water is awesome for your skin, hair, nails and joints.


You can do the “Standard” ticket, which includes entrance and a silica mud mask, for 50€. Or you can buy a ticket that includes a facial, towels, drinks and food at the nearby luxe restaurant, spa products, another facial… and entrance to the exclusive lounge. That will cost you 195€ – and there are 65€ and 80€ options in between. You choose your experience.  
Who’s going with me? Here’s where we can get tickets:

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