Teaching West Coast Swing in the Streets of Peru

I met some dancers randomly in the streets of Cusco. (It didn’t feel random of course – it felt totally destined and magical! The language of dance connected us immediately – it was like I was in NYC and in Peru all at once.)

And where did my brain go? To West Coast Swing of course! The dance that can be done anywhere, by anyone… the dance that’s done to contemporary, popular music, that’s constantly spreading around the globe. I had to show my new friend, a hip hop dancer from Lima named Tupak Latino, how to do some basic steps. So here it is – an impromptu lesson near the Plaza del Armas, delivered in my intermediate level Spanish.

What’s the moral of this story? West Coast Swing goes where I go. 🙂

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Exenia is a professional singer, dancer, and travel blogger based in NYC. Her original EP, "5 Sides," can be found on iTunes or at Bandcamp. She has previously written for Brit + Co, and currently contributes dance-related content for West Coast Swing dancers at WanderingWestie.com. She lives an #EccentricLife of her own creative design, and seeks to inspire others to do the same. Follow her adventures on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube @exeniamusic!

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