Epic Churches: Le Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre in Paris

I visited Paris in 2015 to teach dance and explore French culture. I rarely ventured beyond my dance venues. But on the final day of my trip, I had to see this epic church: The Basilica of the Sacred Heart, which sits atop Montmartre, a giant hill in the 18th Arrondissement. The hill is 130 meters high, and gives you a beautiful view of the city below.


I had never seen a church this white before – it just sits against the sky like a chess piece. It is quite breathtaking – Catholic people have always really known how to do churches.



I had to take the classic photo of myself on the stairs. Fun fact – the stairs lead you to the highest natural point in the city.

Even though the church seems like some epic medieval building, it began in 1875, and was finished in 1914. According to Wikipedia, it’s a political and cultural monument.


There are epic fountains that look like they are straight out of the Little Mermaid as well.


And see my door selfie below for good measure – the attention to detail and craftsmanship on this monument is really something to see up close.


Annnnnd it’s totally not allowed but I snuck a few photos from the inside.



It’s also surrounded by excellent culinary options, like characteristically French crepes, macarons, and more. If you’re hungry for real food – after walking quietly into other peoples’ church service to satisfy your tourism cravings – a nearby crepe or set of cookies might be expensive, but yummy. (Hint: If you’re into Parisian delicacies, the neighborhood of Montmartre is actually a bit expensive. Don’t fall for the high macaron prices – they don’t test any better from there, a bag of cookies in this area was my silliest purchase as a tourist in Paris.)

You’ll pass the carousel on your way back down, and then I recommend a crepe with egg, if you must.




There are epic churches everywhere. Have you been to Montmartre? Which ones have you seen? 

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