Dancing in the Streets of Barcelona, Spain!

In February I spent 7 days in Spain. As you may know, I dance and sing everywhere I go. This moment, in front of Barcelona Cathedral, accompanied by an amazing musical duo known as “Carrier Candela,” was so beautiful.

Finding street musicians in Barcelona is special – since so many of the city’s spaces are simply beautiful, well-designed and exceptionally clean, they actually seem to invite performers. When you find artists who have set up shop in front of an epic Cathedral plaza for a FREE performance, it almost feels like you stumbled upon a brilliant outdoor theater or deliberate performance space. It almost feels like you should be paying for something so beautiful – it looks professional and carefully planned. Just look at how this duo and the Cathedral go perfectly together – they are framed by the historic, epic detail of the Gothic Quarter here. Much of their audience is comfortable relaxing on the steps and gazing up at the church. I stopped in my tracks on my evening walk at this magical sight – and then I realized how beautiful they really sounded.

I kept dancing to myself “in place,” but finally, the music took over – I politely asked some Portuguese tourists to hold my bags and take a video of me. As soon as this beautiful young woman from Portugal had the camera in her hand and hit record, I was off.

What do I love about this? There is a little girl that you can see dancing near me in the first part of this video. My Mom said to me, “do you notice that you and the little girl are the only ones doing this? You are just as free as that little girl!” – and she’s right. I love being this free. <3

Would you join a street performance? Do you dance when you hear beautiful music? For me, the answer is always YES and YES! 🙂

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