About Me

Llamas at Machu Picchu, Peru

My name is Exenia, and I’ll be your tour guide today. Travel is one of my greatest passions.

When I’m not running around the US or flying across the globe on a new adventure, I’m a singer, songwriter and dancer. I teach dance in NYC (especially West Coast Swing, my favorite style), and I share my travel adventures here.

I believe in living a life that is your own creative, artistic invention – eccentrically built around the things you love.

Fun fact: I love learning languages. Si, puedo hablar español, pero tengo que trabajar en mis tiempos (pasado, futuro, ay yi yi). J’ai trouver français difficile, mais j’apprends et j’aime pratiquer. Em seguida, quero aprender mais Português.

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Wanna hear my music?

Visit http://exenia.bandcamp.com or hit my Tumblr at http://exeniamusic.com.

See videos of my travels and dance competitions by clicking the videos tab in the menu, or visit me on Youtube.

See you at the airport!